Wednesday, 15 March 2017

'I've had a tough couple of years': Lily Allen reveals she has been forced to SELL her£4.2million mansion after being hit by a huge tax bill.

Pop star Lily Allen has been forced to put her stunning £4.2 million country pile on the market
Pop star Lily Allen has been forced to put her stunning £4.2 million country pile on the market
Pop star Lily Allen has been forced to put her stunning £4.2 million country pile on the market after being hit by a huge tax demand.
The 31-year-old singer is now thought to be living in a two bedroom property in London.

She admitted she was facing financial difficulties by revealing on Twitter: ‘I’ve had a tough couple of years, I’m having to sell my home to pay my tax bill.’

Lily also tweeted that ‘private equity managers, tax experts and hedge funders been looking at it’ – but it was unclear whether she meant her tax bill or buying the six-bedroom property in Gloucestershire. She later deleted the posts.

When it was announced earlier in the year that Lily had put the property on the market, many fans assumed she made the decision following the breakdown of her marriage to builder Sam Cooper.

But I can reveal that Lily has failed to file accounts for her company – In the Name Of Songs – and an action has been started to have it struck off. 

Her other companies haven’t done too well, either. One was dissolved, one is dormant and another has filed modest profits of £3,000. She has, I’m told, now set up a new one through her record label, Warner.

Lily’s most recent album, Sheezus, went to number one, but the follow-up singles were less successful, reaching number nine, seven and 93 respectively.

In recent months Lily has been holed up in a studio writing a grime album with the help of new boyfriend Daniel London, whose stage name is MC Meridian Dan.

She has documented her time on Instagram, posting a series of snaps of fast food, sweets and alcohol. Lily – who has daughters Ethel, four, and two-year-old Marnie with husband Sam – shot to fame in 2006 with her catchy debut single Smile, but turned her back on the record industry three years later and announced she was ‘retiring’ to the country.

However, the daughter of actor Keith Allen had an apparent change of heart in 2013 by announcing she would play at Glastonbury. 
In one interview, she indicated she was tiring of life as a housewife, admitting ‘it was quite boring staying at home all day talking to people who can’t talk back’.
Cash flow: It is believed that Lily Allen may be selling her six-bedroom property in Gloucestershire (pictured) to free up funds to pay a tax bill
Cash flow: It is believed that Lily Allen may be selling her six-bedroom property in Gloucestershire (pictured) to free up funds to pay a tax bill
Lily Allen breaks down over being 'let down' with stalking case
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Lily’s half-sister Sarah Owen will no doubt have sympathy for her financial woes. In 2009, they set up a clothing business together called Lucy In Disguise, and the accompanying Channel 4 series Rags To Riches showed the pair clashing over spending. Lily pulled out of the business in 2011 and in 2014 it was liquidated, owing £12,000.


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This washed up has been looks like she's come to the end of the road, not that she could sing in the first place. She fell out with her Father, because he supported the British National Party. She uses filthy language in her music, so not a very good roll model to her younger fans and not to long ago, she was on TV crying for the so called free loaders, known as  pretend refugees. She was seen blubbering and demanding that England take in yet more refugees that are NOT refugees at all, but they are young Muslim Men, in their 20's and 30's and the stupid cow is to blind to notice.

Lily Allen even went to France to see the camps and she even apologised to the Muslims there, for them not being allowed in to England (Stupid Bitch) Who the hell does she think she is.

So i put it to Lily Allen, that if she is that upset about these Muslim free loaders, then open up your £ 4.2 million home to them then, i am sure your can put a lot of Muslims inside your home and the rest can camp on your grounds, until your home is sold.

This is the point where we see that these pop stars are all talk and nothing more. It is the same as that prick Bono and and that tosser Bob Geldof, Bono is worth £600 million and Geldof is worth £150 million, they ask the working class people who are struggling on their wages, to part with what little they get to help the Muslim refugees, but you won't see Bono and Geldof parting with any of their money. They ask the working class people to open their doors to refugees if they have a spare room. Bono and Geldof have mansions, but they will not take one refugee in to their homes, they expect everyone else to do it, It's the same with all the pop stars and all the others with money, they will not help anyone, but they ask everyone else to do it.

So i ask Lily Allen. Bono. Bob Geldof and all the other pop star millionaires to put your money where your mouth is, give some of your money to the Muslim rats, or buy up a few farms and let them stay there. All these do gooders are not do gooders at all, they are all for themselves while they bleed the public dry.