Thursday, 23 March 2017

Just as Donald Trump vows to cut funding to UN terror-linked groups, Justin Trudeau is happy to pick up the slack.

Canadians shouldn’t be surprised that their Islamophile prime minister, Justin Trudeau, will reverse former PM Stephen Harper’s policy of not funding United Nations groups that support and glorify terrorism like the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, a group formerly defunded for financing Hamas by previous government.

The Rebel  Despite the government’s effort to cover up this story, Canada has started funding UNRWA again recently before Canadians ever knew what was happening. 

In the interview linked here, an associate fellow at The Middle East Forum explains why this funding was removed in 2010 due to UNRWA facilities being used as terrorist bases and vehicles used to transport fighters and weapons. 

The funding was made on November 7th, even though the announcement of the money wasn’t made until November 15th, a week later. And the plan for rolling this out, included giving a heads up to the NDP and Green leader Elizabeth May, but not to the Conservatives who opposed the move. 

Canada had long been a funder of UNRWA but after this information came to light, after one too many incidents of school books used by UNRWA inciting hatred, Canada, under Stephen Harper pulled its funding, but the Liberals never liked that move. But even as the Liberals prepared to reinstate funding, they acknowledged that money being diverted to terrorism was a possibility.

As UN Watch has documented in its report, many of the teachers and administrators at UNRWA, at least according to their social media profiles, love Adolf Hitler, hate Jews, celebrate killings, stabbing and bombing and generally back terrorist groups. They also made a video documenting this so lawmakers could see for themselves before they made the decision to give money to UNRWA, but they still did.

UNRWA has been proven to have dangerous connections to terrorist groups while also inciting death to the Jews and an end to Israel.

GREAT NEWS! Trump wants to cut $20 billion in funding for the U.N. and other foreign entities that don’t benefit us

As America gets rid of their Muslim president Barack Obama. Canada now as a Muslim Prime Minister, who is bending over backwards to make Canada a Muslim country. Justin Trudeau is a total prick and he should be removed from his position as Prime Minister.
Donald Trump is trying his best to keep Muslim terrorists out of America, while Canada, Americas neighbours are doing all they can to turn Canada in to a Muslim state. Trudeau like Obama, had brainwashed the people in to believing that there was nothing at all wrong with Muslims, well you only have to look at Europe and Great Britain to work out that they have told nothing but lies to their own people.
Now Obama is gone and the Great Donald Trump is now putting things right and the people of America that have been brainwashed by Obama, will soon come round to seeing Trump is the man for America (but the lefties won't) Now the people of Canada need to wake up and realize that Trudeau is a traitor and he must go before Canada becomes a Muslim country.