Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Oh Great, Yet Another Charlie Manson Documentary.

Some women might think David Muir is a “dreamboat” but alas, word on the street he’s really a homo like CNN’s Anderson Cooper and FOX’s Shephard Smith. Sorry, ladies.
By Phillip Marlowe
This coming Friday night, ABC News is running a new — BONE-CHILLING — documentary on the murderous ’60’s hippie Charlie Manson family. I capitalize “BONE-CHILLING” since David Muir breathlessly said that in a promo last Friday night on 20/20 after the big “expose” on evil Christians trying to keep their kids from being swayed by Jewish homo propaganda into joining the pink team.
Not wanting our children homo must be thought of as terrible and evil — exactly what the (((Nation Wreckers))) want us to think — so as to help keep our numbers down.
You might have noticed that whomever Jew producer/writer at ABC that writes David Muir’s teleprompter copy loves the word “chilling” when it comes to reporting White crime. You hear Muir say it all the time. Yeah, like Whites are so scared of other Whites while walking down a road in today’s wonderfully “diverse” America. Hell, blacks themselves are more scared of fellow homies out on the street than some White person.
I can promise you ABC is not going to do any big documentaries on 2015’s killing of that nice Greek White family (the Savopoulis) in DC, where a black immigrant guy (but probably with help from fellow blacks) tortured and burned the couple’s 10 year-old little boy to force the dad to pony up $40,000 before he horribly murdered them all. That color of perp doesn’t fit “the Narrative” in White brainwashing.

The Jewish media has been brainwashing Whites about the black race for well over 50 years. Blacks are truly horrible, truly monstrous criminals.

And this will be like the millionth Manson family crime documentary. Why? Because the perps were White, of course. Even though a black Muslim murder gang called the “Death Angels” or the Zebra case, had dozens more White victims (cops thought it was 71) back around the same time of which they never say a word. Because of PC, they can’t even get a movie on the crimes financed. Hell, there’s only 2 books on the Zebra black-on-White murders versus hundreds of books on the Zodiac serial killer (5 White victims) since the perp was probably White. They don’t even know who he really was.
This new Manson business might very well have something to do with recent efforts of Jew film director, Roman Polanski, to return to the US after avoiding a California prison sentence when convicted in 1977 of intoxicating, drugging and anally sodomizing a 13 year-old White girl at the Mulholland Drive home of Anjelica Huston and Jack Nicholson.
The little dirtbag only spent a month in jail before his fair trial and conviction, escaping to France when it was plain the judge meant to send his squirrelly butt to prison for Goy ass rape. Polanski believes he can waltz on back to the US and not have to spend time in any Goyim prison. Elitist Jew pedos everywhere agree.
His beautiful pregnant White wife, actress Sharon Tate (probably high as a kite when she married the little punk), was murdered by Manson’s crazy hippie chicks, during that infamous late night Hollywood hills bloody slaughter on August 9, 1969. Trust me: You’ll see an emotional, loving portrayal of Polanski during ABC’s upcoming big Friday night Manson show. Jews love the guy for his many Holohoax movies — brainwashing the American Goyim about Nazism. Can’t have enough of that.
Doesn’t matter one bit all the White Christian guys dying over there fighting the war — we’re still the evil racists of all time.

Jewish PC media actively hides Black Crime

The news media has plenty of tricks up it’s sleeve to hide the true nature of these violent and criminal black savages. Pay close attention and you’ll soon pick out these very same editorial techniques in your area of the country.


If you’re a newly awakened White person out there, please stop and think about the utter BS they’ve been laying down on our heads when it comes to the real facts of crime. Blacks rape and murder decent, innocent White people all the time (go to that embedded link to see plenty). The traitorous media works hard to keep us Whites from figuring that out. The BS has been truly incredible.
The media has been snowing us for decades about these stinking blacks. Blacks kill each other and us White people at the drop of a hat. They are a totally murderous, evil race. The availability of guns just makes their violent nature worse. The Second Amendment is truly at risk simply because these wilding crazy animals are allowed to buy guns. I witnessed a slobbering, excited black gangsta buying a semi-auto AK at a gun store back in December that will probably end up killing someone somewhere before going into the police evidence locker.
Only recently have you started to see the barest few black crime stories reported in the media, but definitely not black-on-White killings. They are now trying to “balance things out” so we are less likely to notice the BS. But they still hide the majority of black criminality today — especially when it’s us Whites who are victims.
Disney/ABC is basically owned by Jewry. The CEO, Robert Iger, is Jewish and the company with majority stock control is run by a dual Israeli citizen named Stanley Gold (Shamrock Holdings). Disney is now inserting homosexuality into kiddie movies and animation, like the recent once again redone “Beauty and the Beast.” Jewry can’t leave well enough alone, so now they’re putting faggotry into older material in the effort to brainwash children and get easy profits.
Disney also produces or finances demonic, anti-Christian movies (like “Priest”) and have been discovered inserting hidden, subliminal sexual imagery into animation. They are now clearly agents of Jewry or Beezlebub himself. No, I don’t think Walt Disney was behind any of it. But once the Jews got in back in the ’90’s and gained control from his stupid brother, Jew brainwashing commenced.
ABC News is part of this whole rotten Jew media empire.
What you are seeing these days is a culmination or “quickening” to the long-running brainwashing of the White race by leftist Jews, all so we don’t go “Nazi” on their asses. All the “PC” BS and all the Marxist punks in the streets demonstrating against Trump or for “black lives matter.” Even if you dare say “ALL lives matter” you get called racist by these brainwashed fools.
These backstabbing Jews have been furiously ramping up PC brainwashing over the last few years — Trump or us decent Whites be damned. You can tell by how effed up in the head Whites are and how our lands are being turned into the Third World right before our eyes.
Now you might call me a big hater boy and all, but you, your children and grandchildren are going to be treated like dogs once our race is completely turned into a spat-upon minority. You think it’s all going to be a sweet rainbow world?
What a sorry joke.