Sunday, 5 March 2017

Stupid Negro BS History Month Now Over.

By Phillip Marlowe
Thank God, it’s finally the end of February and we can be done with all this phony Negro BS on TV every minute. Black “history” — what a laugh there. Most of their history revolves around them whining and bitching every chance they get.
But oh, wait, Jew media will simply have the same stinking black worship crap exactly as they did last month and the one before that. Everything in America is now getting “niggerized” up the ying-yang. It’s insane how much they are pushing this black BS. Did you know the black race was so great? The BS is ridiculous!
You idiot White liberals are probably foaming at the mouth right now calling me a racist. You think I care fools? Blacks are obviously the worse GD race on the planet. No doubt at all. Somehow you idiots think you can polish turds — while forcing your stupid diversity idiocy on the rest of us. I don’t think so, punks. Whites everywhere are waking up and getting furious. You will reap the whirlwind soon enough.
Not only are blacks completely stupid and anti-White racists, blacks are also criminals — often quite murderous, too. But not only do they kill other homies, they evilly torture and kill decent White people all the time (just click HERE and see a few). Hell, the media does everything they can to hide just how bad black-on-White crime truly is. They don’t want us Whites to “get it” as they gradually turn our race into a minority.


You know, I write about these filthy murderous blacks here all the time. Thank God we have a Internet where the truth is finally coming out.
All of this BS is due to Jewish efforts to undermine us White Christians. They’ve been busy backstabbing us for decades. Hell, you can turn on the TV right this very moment and find an example of the Jewish brainwashing of us White people.
Filthy Jews are forcing blacks into absolutely EVERYTHING now. Even the Hollywood Jew Warner Brothers video game for the movie LORD OF THE RINGS includes heroic black characters — as if blacks inhabited the Nordic world of JR Tolkien.
What’s worse is that the creeps expect Christian Americans to support Israel, no matter what evils that country does or sucks America into over there.
Some Jew girl at Temple University in Philadelphia pushing the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) back in the 1940’s — probably at the same time White Christian men were busy fighting Nazis and monkey men. Very few Jews or blacks actually died in WWII — yet it us White men who now get freely pissed on every minute. Didn’t you know the NAACP was really a Jewish creation and financed by the backstabbing Jews even till today? Why do you think the TV box is always yelping about black victimhood 60 years after the Civil Rights BS?