Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Angry Ape Live Streams Murder on Facebook.

By Phillip Marlowe
Happier times with Joy Lane. At least it’s not another mudshark.
This crazy ape man in Cleveland, Ohio went nuts on Easter Sunday and streamed live shooting some old silverback walking along on the sidewalk minding his own business.
Steve Stephens jumped out of the car and went up to him and asked “can you say Joy Lane?” The old black goes “whaaaaah?” Stevens quickly tells him Joy Lane is the reason he’s going to die right now and pulls out a black semi-auto and puts a bullet in the old guy’s head. Stephens looks back before getting in his car and the old guy is crumpled up, blood already streaming down the sidewalk. Crazy black bastard.
Joy Lane was his girlfriend, who apparently had enough of angry black ass and gave him his walking papers that weekend. He tells his Facebook viewers and someone who calls him on his cell phone that he just snapped and already killed 13 people that day. So far, there’s no verification of any other murders. Knowing blacks, he’s probably just talking out his ass. But then again, knowing blacks he might have killed a lot more people for real.
Anyone hear from Joy Lane lately? I didn’t think so.
This reminds me of that black guy in Roanoke, Virginia who shot dead this good-looking blond TV reporter and her camera man during a live broadcast a couple of years ago. He was wearing a Gopro camera when he carried out the killings and then uploaded it to his Facebook before state police closed in and he killed himself.
Blacks are totally insane to begin with. Apparently, in this day and age of instant media, cellphones and laptops, blacks are looking for their 15 minutes of fame before going down in a blaze of gunfire from the po-leece mens.
Let’s just hope this black bastard didn’t kill any Whites.