Saturday, 1 April 2017

Another Mudslime Goes Kill Crazy in Londonstan.

By Phillip Marlowe
Earlier today, some Mudslime wacko went haywire with a big knife in London, once again. This happens on a pretty much regular basis. Five were killed — three innocent pedestrians, a cop and the Mudslime bastard himself. Many more were horribly wounded. The pedestrians on the bridge were run over by a SUV, most likely stolen by the perp. Let me tell you that’s a gruesome way to get croaked. I’ve seen it in real life (accident though) and it’s not a pleasant sight.
Later, a mealy-mouthed Home Secretary woman (Amber Rudd) came on saying the now tiresome “our thoughts and prayers go out to the victim’s families…blah, blah…we can’t let it affect our shared values of tolerance and democracy, blah, blah, BLAH, BLAH.” Tolerance, my ass. I’m sick of the bastards.
Same BS happens in the USA. Let me just state for the record: These dirty, stinking sandniggers don’t belong in Temperate Zone White countries of the West. They need to be deported “EN MASSE” back to arid sandnigger land toot suite, where they can freely eat goat eyeballs and curry or whatever the flock the bastards like to eat. They can wear those black burkhas and any weirdo headgear they so dig and sell stupid crap to dumbass liberal Eco tourists and take dumps in the streets whenever they feel the need.
Let us White people round them up at the point of a bayonet and march them across the misty moors to waiting steerage ships, or whatever seaworthy enough vessels parked along the Thames river. Throw them a couple big burlap bags of dried Hummus and Camel stomach bladders of water when they get down into the hold. Tell them to shut their fat, foul faces for the couple of weeks it takes to get them back to sandnigger land.
You might think I’m all “racist” and crap. Yep, sure am.
Just imagine our lands free of all these violent, worthless animals? Not only do they kill us, they suck down government benefits left and right.
The liberals tell us “diversity is our greatest strength.” Total, unmitigated bull caca. “Diversity” is the biggest con-job ever done to a people. Next to the Holohoax, coincidently enough.
Indeed, the filthy Jews have been behind this from the start.
Did you know a Jew-run shipping company was given by the “British” Jew Secretary of War, a WWII war-booty German passenger cruise liner, MV Monte Rosa, which they renamed the SS Empire Woodrush and used it to import Jamaican blacks into England?
Zeke Cohen. Little bastard needs to move his stinking Jew ass to Israel. See how he likes they way they treat “schwartzas” over there.
Yep, after ferrying British troops around to pay the British government back, they made stopovers at Jamaica on the flip side to sell cheap tickets for blacks to get to White world so they could live on the government dole and commit street crimes on the poor regular White people. A British MP and plenty of Whites made a big stink about it but nothing ever happened since they simply called them all racist and anti-Semites. Some things never change.
I was watching Tucker Carlson last night and he had on this slickster Baltimore assemblyman named Zeke COHEN (right) on to explain why he was so much for Illegal Immigrants coming into his “sanctuary city” after that rape and sodomy of a little girl in a Maryland High School by ADULT-aged illegal aliens enrolled in a freshmen class (can you believe that BS?).
Cohen said the same old tired liberal crap we hear every minute out of these stinking Jews. The guy was a total punk. Thankfully, Carlson didn’t cut him any slack.
I’m telling you these dirty Jew bastards are all for flooding our lands with non-Whites and getting our babes to sleep with blacks. You see this crap everywhere. They don’t care if we’re against it — they just call us “racist.” They got everyone all brainwashed into committing racial suicide. Rats.
I’ve had with the stinking Jew bastards! I think we need to ship them away, too. Probably first, by the looks of it.