Saturday, 8 April 2017

Big Fat Liar Susan Rice Says She “DINDU NUFFIN”

By Phillip Marlowe
Wow. This is just plain unbelievable. Here we find out big time Obongo boy minion, former National Security Advisor Susan Rice, was keeping tabs on private citizens working in Trump’s campaign by using secret NSA surveillance information. The woman even started compiling spreadsheets an entire year before the November election just to keep it all straight!
This is completely illegal — especially if she leaked the names to democrat compadres, who then leaked the names to anti-Trump liberals in the media. Everyone knows they did.
I still love you, Cog Man!
Sure, I can’t stand this Susan Rice character one bit since she’s some kind of half-breed dragon lady freak. But I’d still feel the exact same way morally and politically even if she was a cutesy, brainwashed liberal White chick wearing a pair of nerdy horn-rims. Hell, that would probably get me off! Uh-oh, looks like I said something evil White male sexist once again!
Yep, this whole thing is indeed a big stinking, corrupt deal. Rice told MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell — that blubbering old Jewess Diva married into the mob (former Federal Reserve Chair, Alan Greenspan) — “I leaked nothing to nobody.” Sounds like Rice’s blackness is showing. Double negatives are a common expression among idiot Affirmative Action Negroes. She insisted politics played no role in her “unmasking” of names in the secret NSA surveillance. Riiiiight. We can be certain that this was the original source to all this never-ending Russian/Trump collusion BS in the media over the last few months. Everyone is sick and tired of the crap.
It’s obvious the illegality of these democrap’s actions. And I’m certain Obongo boy was also in the loop, right along with that Evelyn Farkas woman. Hell, there’s probably all kinds of lefty Hillary-loving creeps involved. People need to go to jail. No doubt about it.
Listen to this little Negro faggot try to explain away CNN’s liberal hypocrisy. CNN morning kook, Chris Cuomo, called it a right wing media conspiracy. The media is utterly and completely biased.
It’s ridiculous how the liberal media is going on and on about the evil Rooskies and whatever little contact they had with anyone associated with Trump. The creeps are going off the rails with total BS. They find out any Trump person shook the hand of a Russian and then act like it’s a new chapter in a big spy novel, like maybe something John le Clarré might write.
Hell, Hillary Clinton and her hubby raked in tons of Russian rubles over the years. It’s crazy!
These liberals are absolutely huge hypocrites. Always have been. Anything — and I mean anything — that goes against PC and liberal BS, is verboten. That’s why you have these liberals all for criminal illegal aliens and terrorist Mudslime non-Whites coming into our country and living off the public dole.
Doesn’t make one whit should any of us Whites care to differ with them.
The pro Jewish/black liberal media is clearly insane. They just can’t handle having Donald Trump as president and are doing everything they can to ruin his efforts to fix America, after all these years of Jewish multiculturism. Hell, me being a Trump supporter should tell you I’m at least trying to work within the system. For now.
We might well have to have a Civil War to really drain the swamp.
I’m ready for it. Are you?