Saturday, 15 April 2017

Boy, 14, is castrated and has eyes gouged out because his girlfriend's family disapproved.

A BOY of 14 had his eyes gouged out with an ice pick and penis hacked off with a dagger in a savage “honour” attack

A boy looking out of a windowGETTY - STOCK IMAGE
The 14-year-old was kidnapped by the family of his alleged girlfriend
He was kidnapped by the family of a girl he was suspected of having a relationship with, said police. 
Passers-by found blood-drenched Aish and took him to hospital where doctors battled to save his life. 
It is not known if they managed to re-attach his penis.

But he was “robbed of his sight for the rest of his life,” said police documents. 
His devastated father Javed said: “After three-weeks treatment, the doctors discharged him saying he will have to live with it for the rest of his life.”
The horrifying attack took place on February 27 but it has only now come to light after his family held a demo claiming the accused were backed by an influential politician in Lahore, Pakistan. 
Doctors said that the boy will have to live with what happened for the rest of his life
Police chief Dr Haider Ashraf condemned it as a brutal and atrocious act committed in the name of honour. 
This horrifying tale does not end here
Javed, the boy's father
“Five suspects kidnapped a 14-year-old from his school, took him to a deserted place near River Ravi and committed the inhuman act,” he said. 
The girl's father Hanif is one of the five detained. Her age has not been disclosed. 
“This horrifying tale does not end here,” Javed told news site Dawn. 
A prison guardGETTY - STOCK IMAGE
The girl's father was one of five people detained
“They later also kidnapped my elder son Awais to press me for reconciliation.” 
Javed, from Rangeelpur village, alleged the suspects were being backed by a local parliamentarian.
Deputy Inspector General Ashraf said: “We will submit the case after completing the investigation.

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