Thursday, 27 April 2017

Christian White Gal Raped and Murdered By Illegal.

By Phillip Marlowe
Just read about this beautiful White woman found raped and strangled to death by an illegal spic in the Chimpchago area — dedicated as a sanctuary city by the lefty Jew creep mayor, Rahm Emanuel. These damn Jews and their immigration BS!
Tiffany Thrasher, 33, was found dead in her apartment in suburban Schaumburg, Illinois (Cook county) after failing to show up at an Easter Sunday church service. “Tiffany was happy and excited about her faith…she loved her church family” said her church’s pastor. A wetback illegal Mexican named Bulmaro Mejia-Maya — already with at least one outstanding criminal warrant in the US — broke a window to gain entrance sometime between Saturday night and Sunday morning; where he raped and then strangled the life out of the poor woman. Apparently it wasn’t “random” — the perp belonged to a feral pack of illegal aliens observing the good-looking blond woman for some time.
This kind of thing now happens all the time in White countries. Only rarely do you hear about it in the national news and only because of the Internet now exposing matters. You can see the same crap going on with black crime — for decades, the lefty Jewish media has carefully censored black criminal behavior from the general knowledge of White people, so they could quietly steal our lands for the Jewish NWO agenda.
I’ve had it with these filthy Jews and their non-stop efforts to flood our country with criminals and rapists. We got it bad enough with the homies and these Jew bastards expect us to take in even more non-White criminals from everywhere on the planet.
Meanwhile, non-White criminals and drug dealers continue to wreak havoc across the land. A MS-13 gang tortured murdered 4 in a Central Islip, NY park just a couple of weeks ago. This BS happens all the time now in America.
Instead, we get non-stop national reporting going on about this one case of a White high school teacher dirtbag who took off with a young White teen chick down in Tennessee; when black men rape little kids all across this country every day — in school or not.
Nothing but black worship on TV every minute, while these filthy Jews are all over the screen telling us what to do and think. I was watching this show the other night called “The Great War” on PBS, and it was non-stop Jew experts and black militant “professors” — acting like blacks were so noble even back during WWI and us Whiteys were so racist and evil all the time. It’s crazy all the liberal brainwashing on Jew TV nowadays!
Haven’t you had enough of this PC leftist crap? Filthy GD Jew BULL!