Friday, 28 April 2017

DAMN IT, Mike Pence, educate yourself about Muslims in Indonesia before you start declaring that “Indonesia’s ‘moderate’ Islam is an inspiration to the world”

Vice President Mike Pence visited the Istiqlal mosque in Jakarta today during the first visit by a Trump administration official to Indonesia. Pence noted that “the largest majority Muslim country, Indonesia’s tradition of moderate Islam, frankly, is an inspiration to the world.”

Vice President Mike Pence poses with, from left, his daughters Audrey and Charlotte, his wife Karen, the chairman of Istiqlal Mosque Muhammad Muzammil Basyuni and the Grand Imam of the mosque Nasaruddin Umar in Jakarta

PJ Media  The Masjid Istiqlal, the largest mosque in southeast Asia that can accommodate 200,000 worshipers, is the same one President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama visited during Obama’s 2010 trip to the world’s most populous Muslim country. As is custom, Pence removed his shoes while wife Karen Pence and daughters Audrey and Charlotte also donned headscarves.

At Merdeka Palace remarks with Indonesian President Joko Widodo before the mosque tour, Pence said President Trump “sent me here as a sign of the high value the United States places on our strategic partnership with Indonesia.”

“As the second and third largest democracies in the world, our two countries share many common values — including freedom, the rule of law, human rights, and religious diversity,” he said. “The United States is proud to partner with Indonesia to promote and protect these values, the birthright of all people.”

with President Trump’s leadership, the United States intends to deepen our cultural ties with the nation and the good people of Indonesia. Later today I’m greatly humbled to have the privilege to visit Indonesia’s national mosque, where I’ll have the opportunity to speak with leaders of many faiths. And, Mr. President, I’m very much looking forward to that visit and that honor.

“In your nation, as in mine, religion unifies — it doesn’t divide. It gives us hope for a brighter future, and we are all grateful for the great inspiration that Indonesia provides for the world,” the vice president added. “Rest assured, under President Trump, the United States welcomes all who share our values and strive for that brighter future.”

“As the largest Muslim population country in the world, as well as the third largest democracy in the world, Indonesia also agree to strengthen cooperation on peace,” Widodo added. “That is what I can convey to you all in this auspicious occasion.”

The population is Indonesia is about 87 percent Muslim, 7 percent Protestant, 3 percent Catholic, and less than 2 percent Hindu with other faiths including Buddhism and Confucianism making up the balance.

In Indonesia, that bastion of Western ‘modernity,’ young boys learn how to beat people to death after being accused of  a crime.

Actual footage of one of the fatal beatings of members of a minority Muslim group, the peaceful Ahmadiyyas, whom mainstream Muslims do not consider to be Muslim enough.

Three Christian schoolgirls in Indonesia were beheaded just for being Christians several years ago. Apparently, their beheader has been released from jail.

Frontpage Magazine  A Muslim serving a 19-year prison sentence for beheading three Christian schoolgirls has escaped while visiting his sick wife and is still at large, Indonesian police said Friday. The three girls, Theresia Morangke and Yarni Sambue, both 15, and 17-year-old Alfita Poliwo, had their heads cut off. One of the heads was placed in a bag along on the steps of a church along with a note reading, “We will murder 100 more Christian teenagers and their heads will be presented as presents.”
I'm beginning to think that the Donald Trump is fast becoming just like the rest of the politicians who have been in the White House before him, i am starting to believe that Trump deceived the people in to voting for him by making them think he was o the side of the working and unemployed people.

Donald Trump has already gone back on the promise that he would send Hillary Clinton to jail. Trump also knows about Pizza Gate, but he is silent on the matter and now the Trump administration is saying that Indonesia is an inspiration to the world, NOT. The Muslims in Indonesia are NOT moderate Muslims at all, they all want Sharia law, they want to kill all none Muslims that will not conform to Islam.

The BIG question now is, is Trump a turncoat, i really hope he is not, but little doubts are starting to creep in to my thoughts, i do hope i am wrong, because i have been with Trump all the way from day one and if we can't trust Trump, then we can't trust anyone. The problem is, you can't trust anyone that trusts a Muslim and the Trump administration are singing the praises of the Muslims in Indonesia and those bastards are already killing none Muslims, they are cutting off the heads of Schoolgirls, they are beating none Muslims to death with sticks and Mike Pence is saying that the Muslims in Indonesia are an inspiration to the world. I don't think so.

Should we be worried, i hope not, but i can't say for sure, only time will tell.