Saturday, 1 April 2017

Dianne Abbott: “Labour Need to be the Party of Black and Asian Communities”

White British-hating racist and former Corbyn sex partner reveals vile plans to betray labour’s core vote in favour of blacks and Asians.

Saturday 1st April 2017
White-hating racist Abbott
Speaking yesterday on her blog for Labour List, Abbott made an impassioned plea for the Labour Party Membership to “demonstrate over and over again” that they are the party which will put the needs of the black and Asian communities first. Presumably she is calling for more of the same then, as Labour most certainly put the ‘needs’ of Asian Islamic nonce gangs ahead of those of white British children in Rotherham, as the party’s three MP’s there did nothing to stop the infamous mainly Pakistani heritage paedophile rings from systematic targeting white native kids on an industrial scale. 
The same could be said of Labour’s Shaun Wright, whom as Police and Crime Commissioner of South Yorkshire, aided and abetted the Muslim child gang rape syndicates operating there by consistently covering up for them. The same pattern has been repeated in Labour controlled towns and cities all across Northern England, where Muslim kiddie-fiddlers have been allowed to attack white little girls unchallenged by the party.
Abbott is no stranger to controversial comments when it comes to speaking of the Native British. Just a year after her 1987 election as MP for Hackney North & Stoke Newington, Abbott took her first steps on the path that would see her become Britain’s most infamous race baiter. She claimed in 1988 that “the British invented racism” whilst speaking at a black studies conference in Philadelphia. 
Then in 1996 Abbott became enraged over the prospect of having to be treated by “blonde, blue eyed Finnish girls” at her local hospital. Her issue was that they apparently would “never have seen a black person before.”
Then in 2012 Abbott tweeted: “White people love playing ‘divide and rule'” – a sweeping generalisation which infers that all white people are seeking to rule blacks. 
Fast forward to last year when in the aftermath of Britain’s historic vote for independence from the EU, she launched into a rant in which she denounced 17 million Brexit voters as being racist. Speaking at the Brexit: Unite against Racism and Hatred event, Abbott made the sensational claim that 52% of country voted leave for no reason other that wanting to see “less foreign-looking people on their streets”.
Abbott was unavailable for comment. 
Dianne Abbott is a vile ugly racist black bitch, who want's to wipe White people off the face of the earth. Abbott want's Great Britain to be Black and Asian only,with the exception of her weirdo creep has been Jeremy Corbyn, who also want's a Muslim and Black Great Britain.
The Conservative party are bad, but Labour is worse and the Lib/Dems are just insane morons. The Labour party must not be allowed to win the next election, because if they do, then it's all over for the UK and the Muslims will take over Great Britain as soon as Labour wins.
But if that does happen, the likes of Dianne Abbott. Jeremy Corbyn. Hope not Hate. the UAF and all the lefties and Muslim supporters, the Lib/Dems will all be under Sharia law, which means 99.9% of them will be killed under Sharia law, all the do gooders that wanted a Muslims Great Britain, will all end up dead, but there is nothing i would like better than to see Dianne Abbott suffer. She is  one evil vile bitch and the only thing that come out of her vile disgusting mouth is racism against White people.
If any White person said anything against blacks, they would be locked up. but Dianne Abbott, who is an MP can say what the hell she likes and get away with it. I hope she rots in hell.