Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Fake News STILL Ignoring Clinton’s Dirty Dealings.

By Phillip Marlowe
Last Tuesday, Corrina Meheil, 34, a visiting artist at the Corcoran School of Art and Design was found tied up and stabbed bloodily to death in the basement apartment of a rowhouse in Northwest Washington, DC. Her rotting corpse wasn’t found for almost 2 days after she was probably murdered. DC cops have released “POI” (“person” of interest) surveillance shots; as you can see (above right) it’s another footloose, free-ranging black animal.
Corrina was a big liberal. One of her art school colleagues told a reporter: “Corrina was a feminist who wanted to end violence against women… ” From Corrina’s own blog: “Hillary Rodham Clinton was a part of that narrative. My Mom required me to read ‘It takes a Village’…This year has been exciting and terrifying. So many tragedies inflicted on the full spectrum of non-white males in my country… Crying to my father after watching Philando Castile [black] pass in real time in front of the whole world…others rallied around chants of hate and fear toward people of color…”
Hilarious seeing such liberal fools get a close-up taste of how blacks are really like, huh? I guess the poor woman couldn’t pull off a big Kung Fu style move on her black killer like they do in all the ridiculous, CGI-loaded female empowerment movies put out by Jew Hollywood every minute. Reality is a bitch!
Downtown Washington, DC is so full of worthless, criminal blacks, grocery stores don’t dare sell beer — not because of drunken behavior out on the streets — but simply because the jigs will walk on in and steal the product at will. I found that out myself one hot summer night during a business trip to the nation’s capitol when I desired a few cold ones to enjoy back in my hotel room. I somewhat foolishly decided to take a quick hike to a store listed in the yellow pages. The clerk laughed when I asked where the beer was. I was probably taking my life in my hands just walking in that neighborhood after dark.
Corrina Meheil (left) with idiot congress creep Nancy Pelosi at a liberal art fundraiser event for black kids.
Doped-up, thieving blacks steal brewskies all the time. They will just grab up a big 12 or 24 pack and saunter on out the door like they own the place. Try to stop them and they might shoot you dead on the spot. Talk to any convenience store clerk and you’ll hear all kinds of stories about how blacks really act. Chinks hate them.
In December, a Washington DC apeman cut off his court-ordered ankle monitor and abducted Tricia McCauley, a popular local actress and yoga instructor on her way to meet friends at a Christmas dinner party. The woman didn’t make it.
A couple of days later they found her raped, beaten, tied-up and strangled dead body stuffed rudely down into the backseat floorboards of her own car after the SOB cruised around town a bit, probably doping it up with the dough he stole from her.
McCauley’s black killer told cops some BS story that he didn’t know it was illegal to strangle her to death when she asked him to kill her after having sex with him on the sidewalk. Right. That’s what the psycho bastard made up to police in the lame attempt to excuse himself.
Idiot liberal White women don’t realize how many of these crazy black animals are out there ready to kill them just to get laid, get some quick dope money and/or sheer giggles at killing a White person. Happens all the time.
This crime is definitely not uncommon, sorry to say. Somewhere between 100 and 200 Whites are murdered in the US on a monthly basis by blacks, if you also include mudsharks and associated White family and friends slaughtered at the same time by a black gone bonkers over whatever little thing.
Blacks will kill you dead and not think twice about it.
Also on Monday last week, a beautiful 19 year-old White woman named Kelsey Sue Tennant walked into her Tulsa, Oklahoma apartment after leaving work early. Her timing was most unfortunate. A black neighbor was busy ripping her off. He chased her down, beat and strangled the poor girl almost dead. As she lay dying, he continued rummaging through her things. He also shot and wounded her White boyfriend, Riley Allen, when he came to the apartment to find out if anything was wrong. The guy somehow escaped with minor injury, but his girlfriend was pronounced dead at the hospital.
The lousy ape bastard had only gotten away with a murder charge in January, 2016.
Blacks are totally a criminal class. Always have been. This diversity BS has been a complete and utter lie to White Americans. Black bastards don’t care one iota if you’re a big liberal or not. They just care about getting away — often with your murder.
Be a man or woman, you should carry a concealable 9mm semi auto at the ready, loaded to the gunnels with high velocity CORBON +P 125 grain hollow point slugs. Drill the stinking Negro who is threatening your life and don’t stop touching off rounds until you see the ape twitching on the ground. The dirty punk had it coming “IN SPADES.” LOL.
Hell, I’d nicely ask responding police officers if they would kindly take a picture of me as I kneeled down smiling next to his stone cold dead corpse like I was on Safari in Africa (in a way, I would be). But that’s just hard core little old me, I suppose.
Just kidding. Don’t do that or the libtards will have a fit. Hell, they’d probably put your face on national TV as an example of a big racist. Liberals don’t care anything about White people’s lives. Just take inner satisfaction for a job well-done and a big congratulations in advance from INCOG MAN.



Here’s the jig who killed the liberal.
Corrina wasn’t dead for almost 2 days. She was being TORTURED while he took his own sweet time cleaning out her bank account. Then he killed her. He probably raped and sexually assaulted her. too. No telling what God-awful things he did.
El Hadji Alpha Madiou Toure, 28, was arrested Monday night (about a week after the crime) and has been charged with first-degree murder while armed and theft one in connection with Corrina Mehiel’s death.