Sunday, 30 April 2017

SHAMEFUL: Bradford, England Police lock themselves in Car for safety from Crazed Islamists.

Police in Bradford, England, lock themselves in their car for safety, while Muslim thugs ridicule them…and to add insult to injury…record it.
Tihs is our police force, hiding away from Muslims instead of dealing with them. The police carry tasers, so why not use them. It's just the same in France. Germany. Holland and Sweden, the police won't go near Muslims, in fact in Sweden the Muslim rule.
Can you imagine in just a few short years from now, what it will be like when Muslims take over and bring in Sharia law, life will not be worth living. The Muslims are showing their authority in Bradford, where Muslims are now the majority.
The police are there to protect the public, or they should be. if they can't protect the public, then who can. We can, that's who, it is time for Great Britain to come together and say we have had enough of Muslims and we have had enough of the government telling us how we should treat Muslim refugees.
What refugees are the government talking about? They must be talking about the thousands of refugee Muslims that have come over on the boats, all of them men, all of them at fighting age, between 18 and 40, they have come with NO women and NO children, apart from the odd one or two. They have come with money in their pockets and brand new mobile phones with info of Isis on them and also pictures of Isis.
These so called refugees, that are not refugees at all, have come here to fight and kill the British people. One Muslim that has come to England, beheaded two people in Syria, now he is waking free somewhere in London and he is with Isis.
The police are to scared to do anything and they will not go in to Muslim only areas. The government won't do anything and the Labour party will be even worse, because they want to bring over thousands more. Withing ten years from now Great Britain and Europe will be dead, our way of life will be gone and our cultures will be gone. Sharia law will be in place and people will be hung and beheaded every single day.
I fear for my grandchildren, all patriots fear for their grandchildren. Those people that welcome refugees have obviously not give a thought about their grandchildren at all. The Muslims do not care if you are for them or against them, they will still kill you, they still hate you, which you will find out as you are being dragged to your deaths by hanging or beheading, or you could be watching you grandchildren or even your children being sent to their deaths. This is NO joke, this is going to be a reality and much sooner than you think.