Monday, 10 April 2017

TOP MUSLIM: Child Rape is “Part of Our Culture.” What’s Your Response?

In Denmark, a leading imam at a mosque told the congregation that all adulterers, and anyone in general who hurts a Muslim, needs to be killed. The imam also encouraged his congregation to wed underage females stating that girls as young as 7-years-old can be married off to adult men and subsequently abused. His reasoning? It’s “part of our culture.” (via Breitbart)
Of course, these young girls have no say in the marriage as it’s all arranged by their demented Muslim parents. Many don’t meet the men who are to be their husbands, and abusive wardens, until the day of their wedding.
Child brides, and child abuse, are accepted Muslim traditions in the Middle East. Muslim men will often take on underage girls as wives, and abuse or mutilate them horribly — even going so far as to chop up their genitals.

Here you have it, straight from the horses mouth. Child Rape Is Part Of Muslim Culture. Muslims are raping underage children all over Europe. Thousands of girls were raped in England after being groomed and then drugged, i think the youngest girl was eleven years old.
The British National Party had been warning people for years about the Muslim rape culture. Nick Griffin who was party leader at the time, told the police about it and also the Labour run councils about it and because Nick Griffin told them what was going on, he was taken to court for trying to spread racial hatred, the Labour council took him to court not once but twice and twice the Labour council lost.
The Labour run councils knew what was going on and they turned a blind eye to it, because the Labour party wanted the Muslim vote, the Labour party are corrupt through and through, they knew full well that underage girls were being groomed and raped and they did nothing about it and they tried to have Nick Griffin jailed because they knew he would expose them.
Muslims are taking over England, in fact the English people are now the minority in their own country and Muslims are now the majority. One Muslim leader has said that when Muslims take over, they will take every White child from the age of six years old, put them through FGM which is Female Genital Mutilation and then sell them off to other Muslims.
Muslims are the most evil people known to man, all they know is how to rape and kill and study the Koran, which was written by a child rapist and a peadophile whose name is Mohammed. I am sorry to have to say this, but the Muslims are coming for YOUR daughters and if you voted for the Labour party, then you are part of the problem and helped this to happen, because the Labour Party is now known as the Muslim Labour Party.