Saturday, 1 April 2017

VIDEO: UK ISLAMISTS Nurses Refuse To “Wash Hands Before Operations”, Say It ‘Compromises Religious Beliefs.

As the plague of Islam continues to spread across the globe, the UK has surprisingly come out with a new law in their favor. Disregarding the health of patients, Muslim nurses are no longer mandated to wash their hands before procedures.
As the minority attempts to inflict their unwanted culture on “the West,” it’s no surprise anymore to hear their cries demanding for more rights. The fact of the matter is, here in the portion of the world the religion claims to despise so much, we do recognize the right to practice whatever religion you would like.
That’s why it is so frustrating to hear that they demand more than what our countries are willing to offer. After all, it is a bit hypocritical to come to a country that allows the freedom to practice whatever religion you please, and then abuse that right by trying to mandate your beliefs and culture on that country. Beliefs and culture, mind you, that aren’t wanted from your previous country in the first place.

Never let a Muslim operate on you EVER. they wipe their ass with their left hand and then run water over the hand and that is it, they are filthy bastards and they have no right what so ever working in hospitals and they have no right being allowed to operate on people.
Imagine your getting ready for an operation and the person doing the operation is a Muslim, but just before the Muslim Dr gets to work on you, he has to go for a crap, when he/she is finished they wipe away the crap with their left hand, they then turn on the tap and rinse their hand using no soap, they then walk in to the operating ready to open you up.
Now you know why so many people are dying in hospital, now you know why there are so many super bugs in the hospitals, wiping people out. Things like this never happened before Muslims went to work in them, now people are dropping like flies.
Keep your family members safe and keep your best friends safe. If your child needs an operation, find out who the Dr will be doing surgery, if it's a Muslim, then demand your child has a different Dr for your child's safety.

Muslims bragging that they have no need to wash their hands after going to the toilet.