Sunday, 14 May 2017

Dirtbags Make Affordable Health Insurance Impossible.

By Phillip Marlowe
I wanted to weigh in on the Health Care bill, but like most normal people out here in the real world, I got a little tied up with personal day-to-day BS to write much. But let me tell you a few things anyone can see without the media drivel. First off, “pre-existing conditions” includes dirty freaks who do sick crap you would not believe — sometimes even with total strangers. This immorality, coupled with the importation of Third Worlders and their myriad jungle diseases has turned healthcare insurance into an unaffordable proposition for most of us decent, working White people.
They had this story all over the news — and tied it into the Health Care debate. You think this guy has to worry about money like the rest of us?
Second, the stinking liberals in the media are HUGE hypocrites. Here’s the democrats in government voting across the board against the latest reiteration simply because of politics. Sure, the retardicans did it to Obama, but didn’t your mother tell you two wrongs don’t make a right? The American people now get screwed over on a constant basis by big government.
How about them trying to make a big deal about TV host Jimmy Kimmel crying on national TV about his little boy having heart problems at birth, and how Mr. Kimmel thinks everyone should never have to worry about that happening to them? Damn, did the media play up this story BIG TIME. It was everywhere. They even showed the little baby’s photo so we would all go “oh, how cute. I really feel for poor Jimmy. Yeah, we need to cover everyone so such terrible things don’t happen!”
The brainwashing media creeps know exactly what buttons to push among us hoi polloi. They’ve been up to this for decades and have highly paid social and behavioral scientists working for them. Hell, you can turn on the TV and easily see cultural Marxism, or multicult “PC” jammed down our throats. You can even see it in commercials.
Mr. Kimmel is so rich he doesn’t even have to get insurance — he can just fund all the operations he needs out of pocket, whenever he needs it. Hell, he probably has enough to buy himself a hospital or two. Media libtards know all that, but won’t say so because they know they would risk trouble with the bosses or simply get accused of being a “hater” by all the nutcases out there. This country can go straight to hell before any of these hypocrites look bad.
Thirdly, there’s plenty of worthless rats out there who don’t do jack for this country nor do they even belong here in the first place. You can bet your bottom dollar illegal aliens will be taking advantage of the system one way or another. They already do, simply by going to the emergency room of the local hospital.
Filthy White liberals want to help everyone, somehow getting off on imagining themselves as caring, loving persons, no matter how idiotic it is logically. These morons want to let in the entire GD planet and make Americans pay for it. This is the end result of decades of Jewish media brainwashing.
And how come they don’t ever say anything about the faggots? I’ve talked to people involved in insurance, and they say their numbers people have to factor in current and future AIDS patients and the highly expensive drugs keeping such perverts alive. It can cost thousands each month for the special cocktails of drugs necessary for them to live.
Then you have the frequent doctor’s visits and blood tests to keep these dirtbags alive. It’s estimated that AIDS patients cost insurance companies an average of $20,000 a year. Some say it’s closer to $30,000. That’s a lot of healthy contributors paying into whatever system they finally come up with — ObamaCare, TrumpCare or whatever the flock they now want to call it. I’m sick of the BS!
And sure, you have some heterosexuals with AIDS. Again more dirtbag slut puppies and IV drug users. Faggots are the ones who brought on this crap back in the ’70’s and ’80’s with their disgusting immoral behavior in discotheques and bus station bathrooms. Jew media also promotes immorality with the rest of us straights, by having cheap, easy sex and no families or children.
With the big push for turd pushing from Jews out to genocide the White race, insurance actuaries and statisticians know the have to key in numbers into their social-demographic spread sheets for homos and disease-carrying Third Worlders. Both are a known sources of communicable diseases. Did you know there’s a gay subculture where the faggots get off on going bareback and risking coming down with AIDS? Yep, they call themselves “bug chasers.”
Now, it’s true I’m lumping in heterosexual dirtbags and IV drug users in with the ass rangers, but trust me, most of the GRIDS patients are homo or willing to go on “the down low.” Everyone knows it. That’s where the “G” comes from in “GAY-RELATED IMMUNEO DEFICIENT SYNDROME.”
Many black males will resort to going on “the down low” when incarcerated. When they get out, they spread their filthy diseases to black and White chicks on the outside. You got a huge disease “vector” just among Negro parolees. Newly-arrived African and Haitian immigrants joining the insurance pool is another factor insurance companies have to factor.
Then we got the newly arrived ZIKA virus, hitching a ride among jungle immigrants who get bit by mosquitos while they’re out in the streets shucking and jiving on hot summer nights, before doing a little street walking. This virus is horrifying — turning infant brains to mush before birth. Us White Americans don’t need this BS!
Few realize it, but Asian babes are often ridden with STDs. Getting a little sideways chink, may also get you clapped up and turned yellow.
The Opiate Crisis is due to a big Jew drug company (Purdue Pharma), pushing highly addictive OxyContin on America to make a buck. Many of those addicted to such pills simply went over to cheaper illegal drugs brought in by illegals called “mules.” One was popped just the other day with 3 pounds of coke duct-taped up to her already fat brown ass. The GD idiot leftys want all this illegal immigration that’s turning America to crap on so many fronts.
You simply can’t win with these dirty Jews — who have a history of turning lands to crap and causing all sorts of mayhem and social destruction. Why do you think they’ve been run out of 109 countries over the centuries? Bad breath? Jews totally run countries straight into the ground!
So, when you got a country well on the way to Third World status, insurance companies are going to have to jack up rates to pay for it all. Or go out of business. And that’s whether it’s the republican or democrat’s plan. That is, of course, if the tax payer isn’t forced to pick up the slack, turning health care into a Marxist government entity, while we sit in waiting rooms for hours on end to have some commie drone tell us to take a number. That’s what some rats really want but are too chicken caca to say so openly.
Folks, what we’re seeing is the beginnings to the end stage in the Jewish agenda for our lands. Once us Whites are turned into a powerless minority, the America of our Fore Fathers will be no more. Simply extrapolate on all the different ways the dirty Jews have been destroying our race over the years.
The bastards are total backstabbers!