Major violent clashes broke out between riot police and May Day protesters in central Paris, Monday, leaving dozens wounded on each side. Angry protesters are marking May 1st in the capital at Place de la Republique, where they are protesting against the outcome of the French presidential elections, which have seen Emmanuel Macron pitted against the anti-Islamization candidate Marine Le Pen.

Footage from Paris captured the intensity of the clashes, with a police officer even catching fire due to a Molotov cocktail thrown by the protesters. The high numbers of police responded with stun grenades and tear gas in an attempt to disperse the crowd. Dozens of facades, windows and bus stops were also damaged in the process.
France has just one last hope left for survival and that last hope is Marine Le Pen. France must vote her in the election, if they don't wan't Muslims to take over. Right now Muslims are destroying France, they are causing riots, burning out cars, attacking people and raping women, teenagers and underage girls.
If France does not vote in Le Pen, then Muslims will bring in Sharia law within a few short years, they will then start to hang and behead anyone who will not conform to Islam and all those idiots that have made Muslims welcome, will also be dragged off to their deaths. Weather you support Muslims or not, it does not matter to them, they still hate you and want you dead.
Holland made a very big mistake  by not voting in Greet Wilders, the people have been brainwashed in to thinking that Muslims won't take over. Muslims are already killing peoples dogs for walking them in the park. Muslim bus drivers will not let blind people on the buses if they have a guide dog, they are already telling people what they can and can not do and the government is saying nothing. Muslims are now even telling women what to wear or they will be raped and all this is nothing to what they are going to do.