Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Little Miss Molly Got Exactly What She Deserved.

By Phillip Marlowe
When I read that 22 year-old Molly Matheson was found strangled dead in her apartment’s bathroom by her mother, I immediately suspected she was a big mudshark. I went online and soon found her Facebook page, still not yet removed. Looking over her photos, it’ll be a black perp, I told myself. The twit made a shot of herself at some fancy social event in the arms of this smiling little ape, all dressed up in White man clothing as her masthead profile photo (below “continued”).
Reginald Kimbro looking pleased with himself. These ugly apes actually think they are handsome.
Can you believe that crap? Proud of that photo? Yep, in today’s Jew brainwashed America we see our women acting this way. Disgusting.
This past weekend, 23 year-old Reginald Kimbro (right) was busted for the murder. Her parents claimed she only “sort of” knew him. Yeah, I bet. She freely allowed him into her apartment (no signs of forced entry). Undoubtedly, he expected to get some, being a black stud puppy and all. When he didn’t get it fast enough, or she had a change of mind, he cried the blues. We know how much these poor oppressed apes love singing the blues. One thing led to another and him being a Negro, lost it and strangled her in a fit of black rage. He certainly raped her, before or even after. That’s probably why it took so long to bust him — they had to wait until the DNA results came back.
Her mother discovered her daughter’s naked dead body in the apartment’s bathroom shower the next day. She had a blackened, grossly swollen eye from him punching her out. The ape carried her in there in the lame attempt to wash away evidence; then put some of her clothing and bedding in the washing machine and turned it on before he made his brave escape. Personally? I think little Miss Molly got exactly what she asked for. I have absolutely ZERO empathy for stupid mudsharks like this. And I do indeed mean stupid. The twit was braindead even before getting the oxygen cut off to her foolish head.
Sometimes when I hear about some White chick getting murdered, I can tell right away the perp will turn out to be black and the twit was a mudshark. I’ll see a photo where I notice a cropped piece of a shoulder and know right then and there. In fact, I did the artwork layering above and below. I also wrote most of this copy before any news came out finally IDing the perp (April 28 — but I only read of the arrest May 1) before fine-tuning a little and adding new details. It’s so predictable, anymore.*

Little Miss Molly Mudshark

She attended the University of Arkansas but dropped out in 2015. Her killer went there, too and it’s probable that’s how she knew the ape. Except for the one on the bottom right and the news site, photos were taken from her Facebook site. I did this photo montage 2 weeks before the perp was named.
The media crops out black guys from photos all the time. They know Whites will say to themselves “it’ll be a black guy who did it.” Most Whites are now cued in and think that (maybe not saying so) because it really happens all the time. See my page “MUDSHARK MADNESS” to see quite a few from recent years. Blacks are violent, brutal animals.
And murderous, criminal blacks will kill anyone dead at the drop of a chicken bone, no matter who you are. Just watch the A&E show “The First 48” and you’ll see how these “people” really behave. You can also go to the site “New Nation News” for daily stories from around the country and the world — many of which will gross you the hell out. Blacks are just plain sick, nasty animals!
I can also tell by her uploaded Facebook photos she was a blithering multicult idiot, right along with an equally idiotic mother. I say idiot because she let herself go out with blacks and her mother didn’t teach her any better.
She was supposed to be a big sorority sister, but quit school 2 years ago without graduating (most likely because of her various involvements with blacks). She was also supposed to be a big Christian type (what a laugh) and the crime happened near Texas Christian university, which is the reason it got some media coverage. The media elites were hoping it might be a crazy Christian White perp. Now watch the story disappear as usual.
Like the black judge murdered in Cook county (Chicago) and his wife wounded, they reported on it initially on ABC “World News Tonight” but once it was found out a black did it, they dropped the story like a hot potato. It’s not part of the narrative to report in depth on black criminality — which is one reason why these animals all they are so racially militant. The media has long been protecting this stinking, murderous race and building them up as so great. They always make them out as such heroes and “unjustly persecuted” by evil racist Whites — almost always us White males, who are responsible for everything bad.
On Saturday night this past weekend, I went out to a pretty nice restaurant in town. When I left I saw young couples coming in all dressed up for the local high school prom — looking a lot like Molly’s idiotic Facebook shot above. Many of them were White chicks with black guys. One of the black guys looked over at me as I drove away in the parking lot. He seemed kind of sheepish about the whole thing like he knew deep down it wasn’t right, or maybe he just noticed me glaring at his ugly black ass all dressed up like a Barnum and Bailey circus monkey. Blacks look so stupid in formal attire.
I often look at them this way since the sight of it pisses me the hell off. I can’t wait for the day when we can take immediate action on the spot.
The filthy Jews are the ones who are behind this crap. I see them pairing off White females with blacks everywhere on the screen. Even local news often has a black male with a White female anchor. If you’re a White guy and you’re not angry seeing this happening, then you are too far gone with the Jewish diversity brainwashing.
If anyone wants to call me a racist and insensitive about the girl’s murder, then so be it.
* I write a lot of stuff in advance of finding out what really happened. It’s not because I’m so great, it’s only because things have become so obvious these days.