Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Looks Like Trump Got Himself All Jewed-Up.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss…

— The Who
By Phillip Marlowe
Word has it Trump is not insisting on any kind of funding for the border wall with the new budget (amping up the national debt once again). Making Mexico pay for it is not going to happen either, even though we have plenty of ways to make them. He might not even pull out of NAFTA, like he promised every minute during the campaign. The new federal budget supposedly will also continue full funding for Planned Parenthood, including abortion. Things are looking like we’ve been screwed like a cheap slut.
Anybody that comes here knows good and well I supported Trump. I wrote fawning pieces and did up some great photoshops for him. Hell, I even went door-to-door in the real world pushing for him and handing out yard signs all over my neighborhood (totally voluntarily). I’ve endured my share of verbal abuse. Nobody can say I didn’t try to work “within the system.” A Jewed system. Of all people who should have known, it’s me.
I had this one Jew woman with a big happy cartoonish “SHALOM” sign right next to her door. As I saw her walking towards me in the foyer, she suddenly looked like a mean witch when she recognized I was there for Trump’s campaign. She rudely slammed the inner door in my face. With the way she looked at me, I’m surprised she didn’t shoot my butt with an Israeli-made Uzi right then and there.
Yep, looks like the filthy Jews have gotten to Trump. Exactly to what extent, I don’t know. Perhaps from the very start. Coincidently or not, all this comes during the holohoax remembrance week, when we’re all expected to kiss up to the lousy Jews for some gassing BS that may or may not have happened over 70 years ago on another continent. Need I remind you of all us American/British White Christian men who died fighting the Nazis? The backstabbing hypocrites don’t care. I’ve had it with these asshats.
This has got nothing to do with Vladimir Putin and Russia. Trump having good relations with them was a huge positive in my opinion. And the business about Trump colluding with Putin to steal the election was simply liberal BS for why sacred cow Hillary lost.
Hell, I guess it would’ve been better if Hillary won.
Trump is looking more like a Jew plant by the day. Or maybe he’s been co-opted by International Jewish forces behind closed doors. Same thing when you get down to brass tacks. In fact, America has certainly been under some degree of backroom Jewish control since the Great Depression and FDR, at least. They’ve been brainwashing us in the mass media for decades and working to upend the racial demographics of our countries to destroy any chance of White political power. No doubt about it.
The last few weeks the media has been happily proclaiming Jared Kushner as Trump’s top dog advisor. Steve Bannon, the crusty Goyim whom fashioned Trump’s populist image is now shunted off to the side. Lefty media acted like he was a big White supremacist. Gary Cohen of Goldman Sachs is running Trump’s economic efforts. Bannon once even worked for awhile at Goldman, before getting involved with Breitbart News — “PC” critical perhaps, but still slavishly pro-Israel.
Republican or democrat, no one ever dares to criticize Israel publicly. Haven’t you people noticed that? If free speech was truly free, we would have all kinds of talk.
Trump even wants Jewess Janet Yellen to stay on as Fed Chief, while dropping all talk of auditing the Fed. TV Jews are stoked: Ben Stein was on FOX news the other day all happy and crap. I guess so, since he’s another big fat Jew. Note Yellen’s second in command at the Fed, Stanley Fischer, is a dual citizen of Israel and former banking chief of Israel. How do you like those apples, America? Talk about GD collusion among rats!
The business about Russia manipulating our elections is a total joke compared to the control Zionist Israel has over the US.

Trump has Jews coming out his ears!

Gary Cohn (right) and Lloyd Blankfein were the top “vampire squid” at Goldman Sachs — a huge International Jew financial rip-off operation sucking immense shekels out of America and the planet. It’s so bad even leftys talk about it. You need to use that to “plant seeds” among liberal Whites about lousy Jewry!
Goldman Sachs is the biggest private Jew financial octopus ensnaring White lands (versus the Federal Reserve — a privately-owned operation, too). Goldman has ZERO problems running anyplace into the ground to make a lousy shekel (they misled investors and profited handsomely by short-selling the subprime market). People call Washington “Government Sachs” for damn good reason. Former employees are all over government. Gary Cohn has been at Goldman since 1990 and was president and COO for the last 10 years. He, too, is a card-carrying democrat.
Goldman Sachs alumni are as prevalent in US government as the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR), who are Jewish-controlled, too. The president, Richard Haas, is a big fat Jew, but they never tell you that when they trot him out on TV all the time to tell us what’s up. ABC and top tier CFR member, Barbara WaWa, created the ABC TV show “The View” for liberal brainwashing of stay-at-home White moms. Watch the show and you’ll soon put a bullet in the TV with all the lefty crap!
Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner is a 36 year-old real estate speculator, trash newspaper owner and card-carrying democrat. His extremely wealthy father (worth at least 2 billion), Charles Kushner, was convicted by then NJ US attorney Chris Christie for illegal campaign contributions, tax evasion and witness tampering by hiring a prostitute to seduce his brother-in-law and recording the tryst for blackmail. He was sentenced to a measly 2 years, but the Jews got him out after less than 14 months.
Christie has been totally sidelined because of him prosecuting Jared’s daddy. Funny how the media stayed silent about any reasons other than “BridgeGate” for why Christie was never offered a job in Trump’s cabinet. You hardly ever hear them say a word these days about the fat man.
Kushner is a Chabad Lubivitcher — an extremist, Jew supremacist, Kaballah mysticism sect. Some (including other Jews) say Chabadists are Satanic. They are definitely anti-Christian and anti-Goyim. They have followers and facilities across the planet and billions at the their disposal. These are the creeps who have the Jew nerve to erect a 70 foot tall Menorah in front of the White House every Christmas season since 1979 and emplace Menorahs on public property all over the US (probably in a town near you) and the world. They are complete Israel Zio nuts.
Kushner bought his Washington DC mansion property just down the road from a Chabad Synagogue called “TheShull” so him and Ivanka and the kids can walk to it on Saturdays (well-protected by armed Secret Service minions, natch). Extremist Jews can’t use any mechanical device during “Shabbat,” including cars and electrical switches (they break this rule all the time, I’m certain). He certainly has Shabbos Goyim at the ready to do crap around the house so his sweet little blond Shiksa, Ivanka, won’t be inconvenienced.
Trump named Jew Steve Mnuchin fairly early to head the Treasury. So why are Jews always expected to run our money creation like the Treasury and the Fed? That’s because we’re somehow expected to believe Jews are so smart when it comes to money. As long as these dirty selfish creeps have the handles to our economy and media, they run the land.
Trump’s has this totally creepy-looking Jew named Stephen Miller as a senior advisor. This guy is an arrogant little twerp but the media treats him like a great guy, versus goyim Steve Bannon — who they turned into a Hitler pariah simply because Breitbart news reports political incorrect stories they don’t want the regular White American to read. Trump also has Jew lawyers behind everything he does.
Folks, we got ourselves a totally Jewed nation. No doubt whatsoever. Chabad people even freely talk about the agenda to control the US — ushering in some kind of Jewish Messiah whom the nuts have been naming among themselves for hundreds of years. The creeps are even all ready to build a new Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem — right after dynamiting the Muslim Mosque of the Golden Dome and dancing around in fevered Jew delight.
The supposed conservatives, who are really nothing but spineless multicults, are not going to say a thing about the Jew angle, while the White race continues getting bred away, forced to live among non-Whites immigrants, brutally murdered by violent blacks all the time and our wealth squandered fighting enemies of Israel in the Mideast.
Once Jewish Marxist control is fully kicked in, expect my site to go black. Hell, I’ll probably get arrested and a round put in my noggin in some bloody basement Jew Police State abbatoir. My naked corpse will get carted off to a unmarked trench burial, just like some Goy SOB back in last century who tried to protect his beautiful daughter from falling prey to the lusts of the Jew secret police (this was done by the Jews when they took over Russia in the Marxist 1917 Coup D’Etat of the Christian Monarchy).
After Trump has paved the way, expect the next president to be a Jew, say that super stuck-up leftist creep with the shifty, evil eyes, Mark Cuban (a Pittsburgh Jew), or maybe Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg with femanazi Sheryl Sandberg as his VP. The lefty media builds her up all the time.
Then we’ll have Whites turned into a total spat-upon minority. Already getting there. Faggotry will be all over the TV set, even X-rated scenes showing men and women engaging in acts of sodomy. Already getting there. Pedophilia with teenagers will be legalized and cleverly promoted on TV (they’ll have tear-jerking movies of the week of love stories of adults with teens). Already getting there.
Syria will be nothing but bombed out, powerless little Muslim enclaves — continuously at war with each other. Whatever left-over Palestinians still living in sacred Jew land will get starved to death in Negev desert concentration camps, as Zionist Jew overseers happily smack them around with truncheons. “Greater Israel” and the Third Temple will become a reality. Hell, they’ll declare Jerusalem the world’s legal and religious capital and Jew York city the world’s economic.
Looks like Mr. Trump is fully under control of International Jewry. It really is “ZOG” just like the Neo-Nazis told us. Wake the flock up America!