Monday, 8 May 2017

Majority of French voters said “Anyone but Marine Le Pen”

You had your chance. Now you can enjoy your growing epidemic of the Muslim plague. Oh, and don’t look to America to save your butts for the third time. 

 The video above say's it all, the French people know what's going on with all the terror attacks and people being gunned down and bombs going off, but having said that, it seems the French people are quite happy with that, because they voted for Macron and he intends to flood France with thousands more Muslims and he intends to let the Muslims build more Mosques.
From Sunday the 7th of May 2017, was the end of France, the French people had one last chance to save their country by voting for Marion Le Pen, but they chose not to vote for her but instead they chose to vote for a man that will destroy France altogether.
Within ten years or less France will be a Muslim country and under Sharia law and just like the British, they have not given one thought about the future of their children, because it is the children that will suffer the most, children that are now 8 years old, will be 18 when Muslims take over, the only future they will have is death by beheading of by hanging if they refuse to turn to Islam. 
I hope your pleased with yourselves for voting in Macron, you stupid brain dead people, the British people are just the same. But the French people had a chance to save France, but they turned against Marion Le Pen and voted for a man who will now destroy France altogether.
                                                 R.I.P FRANCE