Wednesday, 17 May 2017

New French President picks Prime Minister who wants better treatment for illegal alien Muslim invaders in France.

Apparently, he also wants more of them. Edouard Philippe, 46, currently a Republican party MP, will now become President Emmanuel Macron‘s chief lieutenant.

UK Daily Mail  A “maverick” conservative who believes that France ‘is a land of immigration was today confirmed as the country’s new Prime Minister. He began his career as a committed Socialist but then became a conservative, after working in the private sector as a lawyer, and as an executive with energy giants Areva.

In 2015 he called for better treatment of immigrants to France, saying: ‘You have to enforce the law, and at the same time, we are a land of immigration. We are a host country, so we have to make sure things are going well.’ 

 The people of France have made the biggest mistake of their lives, they have voted for France to become a Muslim country and they have voted for their children and their grandchildren to be under Sharia Law within the next ten years.
The people of France have voted for all 6 year old girls to be taken from their family's and forced to go through FGM, which is Female Genital Mutilation, the child's Clitoris will be cut out with a razor blade and a blunt knife, when this horrific evil deed has been done, the Child's vagina will then be sown up, leaving just enough room for the Child to urinate on the toilet, but as the Child grows, this will cause lots of problems.
Also when France becomes a Muslim country and under Sharia law, it will be legal for Muslims to marry any female from the age of 6 years old and then it will be legal for the Muslim men to have intercourse with his Child bride, the day she turns 9 years old. The new President of France knows what is going to happen and he is in favour of everything the Muslims are going to do and the same goes for Edouard Philippe.
When France is under Sharia Law, all alcohol will be banned, all the bars and all the night clubs will be banned, all music will be banned. One 16 year old Muslim girl was hung for listening music in her bedroom, there will be no more concerts, no more Rock Festivals. No Music. Muslims will also ban Christmas. Easter. Halloween.Valentines Day. Birthdays. Anniversary's and Birthdays.Everything the French people were used to, will be gone overnight, everything will change, the none Muslim women will no longer be able to wear the clothes they love, they will be forced to cover up from head to toe, they will have to wear the burka, either that or they will be killed.
The French Children will have no future at all, the voters have made sure of that, the voters could have saved France from a Muslim take over, by voting for Marion Le Pen, but they chose a President that also wants a Muslim country, which is Macron, their fate has been sealed.
But it is not just France that will be taken over by Muslims, the whole of Europe will be taken over and also Great Britain is also about to be taken over, all within the next ten years. Australia and America will also follow. Muslims are now living in every country the world over, it was there plan for world domination, it has taken years of planning,but now it is all starting to unfold.
No government can allow Muslims to take over unless the public vote them in, it's as simple as that.