Monday, 1 May 2017

SCOTLAND orders military cadets NOT to wear their uniforms in public so they won’t become targets of Muslim terrorists.

UK Express (h/t VC)  Parents of youngsters in the army, air and sea cadet forces have been issued with letters outlining steps to avoid being targeted by Muslim terrorists. The letter warns of a serious risk of the cadets – mainly in their teens – being mistaken for regular airmen, sailors or soldiers. 

One letter to the parent of a Scottish cadet, reads: “Based on the latest security advice, we recommend all cadets cover up their uniform when travelling to and from cadet activity. Personnel should remain vigilant.” The parent – who did not wish to be named – said it made his “blood run cold”, adding: “It’s clearly in response to something.”

It is understood from police sources that the letter was prompted by a UK-wide tightening of security procedures following the March 22 attack on Westminster which has seen firearms officers constantly “on-call” for the Scottish Parliament building in Edinburgh.

The police source added: “At face value this letter to the parents of cadets has been sent to alert them to a raised potential for an incident. If I were a parent, of course I’d be worried. But I’d also follow the advice in the letter.”

The Ministry of Defence advised British service members not to wear military uniforms in public following the . In December 2014, police in Birmingham were told not to wear their uniforms while travelling to and from work after extremists threatened to kidnap and murder an officer. And, last July, .

Hey, here’s an idea, why not just dress ALL the military cadets in Islamic headbags (hijabs)?