Friday, 12 May 2017

WELCOME HOME! 400 British Muslims who’ve been fighting with the Islamic State in Syria are back in Britain.

Are they entitled to get retroactive welfare payments to cover their absence while they were away terrorizing, bombing, beheading and raping for ISIS? Will they get a Welcome Home party?

The UK is so dumb, it is hard to think of any one in government who has two brain cells to rub together. They allow Muslims to come over and settle in the UK, they feed and them, by giving then more money than the indigenous people get The government puts them in two million pound homes and then furnish the homes for them, they have their gas and electric bills paid and they are given flat screen TV's.

But on top of all this, the government allows Muslims to leave the country to fight for the Islamic State to kill, rape and behead men women and children and then the government allows them to come back to the UK and carry on as if nothing has happened.